Sunday, May 15, 2011

Why Mahindra Logan Should Be Renamed 'Wolf'

Mahindra and Renault brought in the Logan to India, but their marriage couldn't last. And now, Mahindra - with complete control over the Logan, except its name - have renamed the car 'Verito'. It's almost vertigo-inducing, apart from being one of the most uninspiring, unmemorable names possible for a car.
Logan - Wolverine

The Mahindra Logan should have been renamed the 'Mahindra Wolf''. Here's why.

Logan is a character in X-Men - he becomes Wolverine. There's a pretty good chance that a good chunk of your target audience - under the age of 30 - has watched the films, read the comics graphic novels and knows the Logan-Wolverine connection. It's a connection that allows for a ton of film tie-ins and promotions, as well as other insinuations in marketing messages.

I can see a print ad already - a black background, silver moonlight streaming down from a large full moon, catching a silver/black Mahindra Wolf that's carrying three steel claws on its doors. "The Mahindra Logan has transformed to the Mahindra Wolf. Howl!"

The Wolf allows for the most important aspect of marketing today - the social aspect. Wolves hunt in packs and Mahindra has the bandwidth to create packs of Wolves. Mahindra can connect Wolf owners and create a pack (not a 'club' or a 'group') that can rival Royal Enfield's. No car company in India has been able to do that. Then, they can create some really awesome properties like a 'Wolf Night Drive' and a 'Full Moon Wolf Party'. It also gives a name to their car owners - 'Wolves'. "Are you a Wolf?"

Finally, a name like 'Wolf' allows for a wonderful side-vertical to spring up - accessories. Both the driver and the steed can be dressed up. Jackets, decals, fake fur, a wolf howl horn.

The time has come for the Logan to grow up. Verito does nothing for the car or the brand - it makes it another forgettable transport option. Wolf creates a brand and all its associated perks, and that is what Mahindra needs now. The Mahindra Wolf.

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