Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Loss Of Friendship

Since December, I haven't been doing well at friendship. I have burnt many bridges, broken many connections, all of them which I thought were strong and unshakable. It turns out they aren't as infallible as I thought they were. Maybe the seeds for their downfall were sown much earlier. Maybe I'm just a bigger dick than those people deserve.

It started when I ended my relationship in early December. That was the best relationship I had ever been in, yet I felt the need to end it. What made it worse was the manner in which I broke up with her. Given the strength of our bond, we stayed in touch for four more months, swinging back and forth between not talking to getting back together. Finally, in mid-April, she said the same thing to me that nearly ever woman I have dated before has said: "Don't call or write."

In January, I was honest, maybe brutally so, with a woman who I thought was good friends with me. I told her what I thought people might interpret her behaviour as, and I told her I had feelings for her. After months of hanging out with each other and years of knowing each other, she stopped talking to me following that evening. No calling, no writing.

In early April, I got into a bitter fight with a woman friend by defending another friend. I would hang out with this woman friend regularly, but since that incident, there's been no contact. No calling, no writing.

This weekend has been particularly bad. Last night, I lost my temper and put one of my oldest friendships - one that defines the very person I have grown up to be - under the scanner. I fear that we have grown apart so far that we have lost touch of the very fabric that forms the foundation of our erstwhile rock-solid friendship. I fear this guy, who I was once best friends with, has replaced me and I have been rendered inconsequential or, worse, a liability.

Today, I was put in my place for pushing boundaries and crossing limits. I immediately removed myself from not only that fledgling friendship, but all the ones associated with it as well.

This is a scary time for me. I'm petrified at this seeming inability of mine to maintain friendships. I've known for some time that I suck at relationships, that I'm very good in the beginning but I have to work hard beyond the initial period. But to face the possibility that I might not even be able to maintain long-lasting friendships. How useless am I if I have to keep creating new friendships, all doomed like their predecessors, to replace the ones I keep destroying?

As is wont with me, I instantly tried to find an external source to blame. We bought a new car at the end of Nov. That must be it. With two fender-benders already while driving that car, it must be unlucky. Or it must be because I stopped doing my kriya in early Dec. Life was better when I was practising the Sudarshan Kriya.

I'm not sure what to do. Every bone in my body is screaming out for solitude, to limit the extent of potential damage I can create to myself and those I come in contact with. But a person important to me has told me more than once that if I screw something up, I must go out and fix it. Something is very wrong with me, in my head, and I need to fix that before I can fix anything emanating from me.

What is wrong with me? Why am I so terrible with people, especially the very close ones? Why am I so intent on burning the forest I live in?


Product Junkie said...

Hey Rags,

We do seem to have one thing in common, maintaing friendships. :-)

But honestly, if it's meant to be it'll last. These fights happen, but do patch up once the tempers are cooled. Keep the few that are necessary. :-)

Rags said...

Hey Product Junkie,

Thanks for the kind words of advice. Sadly, I am not the one doing the final breaking of these friendships. It's the other party. I'm sure it's because of stuff I've said and done, so technically, I am breaking the friendship, but you know what I mean.

How are you? I haven't heard from you in a long while. It seems from your recent post there's tons happening. Congratulations!

Zeph said...

Hey, I know it sounds tough, just hang in there. Maybe it was time to move on and maybe there will be better things out there.

Some relationships cause more harm by staying in them, be it friends or partners. So its okay to break away and start afresh.

Take care, mate.

Rags said...

Hey Zeph,

I'd forgotten about this post until your comment brought it up again :-)

Time does heal. Half of those friendships are on the healing path, while the other half seems to be gone for good. But the awesome thing is that the half that's healing has the most important people in the world to me.

Thanks for the kind comment. Much appreciated.