Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Perfect Situation Song

I started work last week at a new place. And I had an unbelievable first day. Almost as soon as I entered the lobby, I sliced my finger deep on the edge of my Ray-Ban sunglasses (did you know they have really sharp edges?) that were sitting in my shirt pocket. As I stemmed the flow of blood and was asking the security guard there to give me cotton, Dettol and a Band-Aid, somebody walked through the door from inside the office. It was somebody I hadn't seen in five years, and frankly, the last place I expected to see this person.

It has been a surreal couple of weeks. Working in the same space as this person, though not yet together, is an unusual sensation that I'm still struggling to come to terms with. This morning, as my bus approached my bus stop, a song started up on my iPod. It was a song I had never heard before, because I had downloaded the artist's 'Best Of' album for his biggest hit, and had just transferred the entire album onto my iPod as a way to discover his music.

The lyrics arrested me. They rang so true to my thoughts and emotions, it was stunning. I literally have experienced everything he sings in this song. It's called 'Hello Like Before' and it's by Bill Withers (of 'Ain't No Sunshine' fame). Give it a listen. The lyrics are below.

Hello like before
I'd never come here
If I'd known that you were here
I must admit though
That's it's nice to see you, dear
You look like you've been doing well

Hello like before
I hope we've grown
'Cause we were only children then
For laughs I guess we both can say
'I knew when'
But then again, that's kiss and tell

Hello like before
I guess it's different
'Cause we know each other now
I guess I've always known
We'd meet again somehow
So then it might as well be now

(Last two verses x2)

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