Monday, December 06, 2010

Somebody To Sleep With

Her hair tickles your nose; so, you bend your head slightly and bury your face in the back of her neck. She lifts her hair and places it on the pillow above her head. You feel the fuzziness of the hair at her nape cushion your cheek. You take in her smell and rub your lips against her neck. Her skin is soft and smooth.

You fit your legs into the '>' she has created and line up your torso against her back. You marvel at this perfect fit, like two pieces of a jigsaw puzzle interlocking. You feel a little worried about your cold feet as you place it under her warmer feet, and she squeals and shivers a little, but she accepts them. Your hand is around her waist, but you move it and clasp her lower shoulder, and you pull yourself closer to her. You feel the connection at places you have never before, like your thighs, or her calves against your shins. Through her back, you feel her heart beating against your chest, and soon both your hearts are beating as one. Your breathing is tempered and both your chests rise and fall together.

In that brief moment between wakefulness and sleep, you truly believe that there is a higher power, a God. What else, but divine intervention, could account for this woman--this fairy, this nymph--whose body heat you are now sharing? This woman who is able to melt your worries and relax you simply by lying down beside you. This woman with whom you are able to have an entire conversation through pure physical contact, without the need for uttering a word ever arising. How else could two have become one?


Suraksha said...

Priceless. Absolutely, divinely priceless.

And nobody but you could've written it so liltingly. :)

Product Junkie said...

In love Rags? Can i expect more posts like this from the lovestruck you?

Lovely post.