Friday, October 08, 2010

An Ode To DD Commentary

Ah, DD commentary
How I have missed thee
I thought you were disabled
With the advent of cable
But with the Commonwealth
I have once more been dealt
The severity of your words
That belong to another world

You overstate the obvious
In a monotone that makes me furious
Your insights are a deathly bore
And you start every sentence with 'Aur'
You insist on transcription
Of words verbatim from actions
I fear I must say to you
This is TV, not radio

In this age of democracy
And politically-correct diplomacy
I'm glad you don't have the phobia
Of being overwhelmingly pro-India
None of our sports-persons
Have appeared any more fearsome
Nor has the player's providence
Ever been attributed to competence

And though you will fade
Into your obscurity self-made
Take pride in the fact
That for twelve days exact
You were the premier sports station
In this gold-winning nation
And everybody saw your dodgy direction
And listened to your sepia diction

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