Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Where Have All The Bloggers Gone?

I started my first blog - this one - in June 2006. I started introvertedly, transcribing poems and verbalising emotions. Slowly, as my blog grew fatter, I began to expand into the blogging universe. I made contact with other bloggers and thrilled in the blog roll.

And yet, time seems to have done them in. The world has moved on.

Every personal blog in my blog roll is, without exception, comatose. Some have been undisturbed for 6 months, others for 9 and still others for over a year. Even the compulsive bloggers have grown silent.


Have they just grown up? Is blogging an age thing? Have they gotten married? Do they have other, more pressing responsibilities and commitments? Has their blog circle dwindled and dried up, leaving them to fend for themselves? Is it just my blog circle? Do I need to find new blogger-friends to party with?

I suddenly feel like Will Smith from I, Legend.


Vivek Singh said...

Facebook/Twitter killed the Blogging Star.
They're still blogging. But one line at a time.

Rags said...

@ Vivek:

Hey, I never thought of that. I think that's bang on.

Phew! I was worried that everybody had gotten book deals and magazine employment, and had upped and left, moved on to bigger and better things, while I was still blogging industriously. :-)