Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Generation Gap - II

I am flying back to Bangalore from Mumbai. I find my specially requested seat in the emergency exit row 12. In 12A and 12B sit an elderly lady and her husband. 12C is currently empty, though it will be occupied soon by a Sardar almost as tall as me and bigger than I who, I think, is on his way to a job interview. Then comes the dividing no-man's land, also known as the aisle. I sit in 12D and next to me are the 2 daughters of the afore-mentioned elderly couple, both somewhere in their twenties, I presume.

The older daughter, her hands intricately embellished with mehendi, leans over and tells her father, "Switch off your mobile phone."
The parents fumble around for a bit before a helpful piece of advice - "Press the button on the top" - is volleyed across from the younger generation. In tandem, both parents immediately reach up and press the button calling for the air hostess on the shelf above their heads.

The older daughter once again leans over a little later and asks her mother, "Amma, pass Appa's iPod."
Her mother industriously goes through her handbag before triumphantly producing a piece of plastic.
Her daughter gently tells her, "Amma, I asked for the iPod, not the ID," while her younger sibling tries hard to suppress her giggles.

The flight is well and smoothly on its way. The older daughter is reading a travel book about an Indian author's journey to Mount Kailash, while across the aisle, her father is poised asleep over an open newspaper, his face wearing an intensely serious expression of reading and the laughing eyes behind his black reading glasses closed.

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