Monday, January 12, 2009

24 Hours In A Bangalore Day

This past weekend was one of the best I've had in a very long time. It started great, was busy with fun-filled activities and ended great. Saturday morning saw me finish the first draft of a short story I'm working on for a contest and the afternoon had me going at the drums till I near perfected "Back In Black" and "Highway To Hell". However, the 24 hours I'll be profiling will be from Saturday night till Sunday night, and I will be doing so with the aid of pictures.

Saturday night was the Midnight Marathon. I wasn't going to run till the last minute, but thanks to some friends, I went and we all took part in the 5km run. The event was very poorly organised. I felt like we part a baraat which was incredibly late and had to run to the marriage hall. There were Diwali-type lights strung from the streetlights and a bunch of people dancing on the street to a bunch of dhol players. But I cruised to the finish line in a little over a half hour, and I had some fabulous running company whom I think I irritated the stuff out of with my constant jabbering and bad jokes.

I got up early on Sunday morning to be a part of a cycle ride a couple of cyclists were going on. Got to the Sarjapur-outer ring road junction (9km from my house; I know thanks to the nifty new cyclo-computer I have) by 6:30am where 3 more riders showed up. We left soon after, got off the main road in 5 min and went off-roading. It was an exhilarating ride. I've never been off-roading on my cycle before and I felt great. We stopped for some IVC (Idli-Vada-Coffee), then headed back to one of the cyclists' apartment complex where a talk had been organised with the residents on cycles and commuting and stuff.

Bosche called me up on Sunday afternoon and we made a plan to go to MG Road to do a bit of shopping. That trip was vintage. It was what we used to do years ago when we were still in college. Start at the top of Brigade Road, walk down one side, cross the road and walk up the other side. The only difference was that instead of window shopping, we actually went into the stores. I picked up an adidas scent (smelt really nice) and was checking out running shoes to fuel this new desire of mine to run long distances. Nike Air and adidas adizero are the clear favourites. Nike Air will probably win just on the strength of service their salesman gave me.

Then we stopped by an old haunt of ours - Java City on Church Street. This cafe was the cafe for me. I used to swear by it and I especially love the jazz band that plays here on weekends. Quality of food and service may have dropped, but the music was as great as ever.

As night fell, we met the greatest financial consultant in all of Bangalore, our good friend KPMG man and headed to Take 5 for dinner. They serve some very good Italian food and the damage isn't too bad.

All in all, a lovely weekend. The new routine I'm building for my weekends seems to be working. The future looks promising and inviting.

P.S.: Did anybody see the moon last night? It looked like Bruce Almighty had been pulling it again. My camera phone isn't good enough, but I still tried capturing it and failed miserably. Oh, for a D-SLR and the knowledge to use one!

P.P.S.: Is it just me or does the new Honda City look like "Holy Batmobile, Batman!"

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