Thursday, December 25, 2008

Of Big Words And Body Odour

Nearly everybody suffers from body odour, either emanating it or inhaling it. Either way you're afflicted. Nearly everybody who works in management or marketing suffers from big words. This is a terrible affliction and becomes an addiction as it continues unhindered.

Yesterday, in a large meeting of some 12 odd people (very last supper-ish), I found myself in the unenviable position of being sandwiched between BWBO and BW. Very soon, my head was in a tizzy, being repeatedly smacked by generous dollops of big words and the occassional whiff. The worst moments were when both BWBO and BW decided to lean into each other to confer and discuss almost secretively. But I survived, and my eyes managed to stay open all through the meeting. Not that sitting anywhere else would have made any significant difference. There was a fair sprinkling of BWs all around the table, although I'm not too sure about the BOs.

I think a tax should be instituted on words. There really should be a price of one's words. The way they are thrown around meaninglessly and mindlessly is simply appalling. Everybody's time, hearing and sanity is taking a beating. I'd rather lose my hearing listening to loud rock music than mindless banter. If I truly lead a life of freedom, I ought to be able to choose what I hear. I want my ears to be caressed, not bear the brunt of an attack.

I find it difficult to understand why BO is so prevalent. Can people not smell their own BO? Is that it? Or can they smell it and hope that nobody else notices? And how on earth are fairly pretty woman carrying BO? I thought pretty women took great care of themselves. Sigh!

Here's to the sweetest sounds and smells! 

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