Friday, November 21, 2008

I Appreciated A Traffic Policeman Today

Actually, I appreciated him yesterday. We were walking back from lunch towards office. We passed the mess that is called Vellara Junction. As we were crossing over, we passed the tiny traffic police chowk that is present at a lot of the bigger junctions. There was a cop inside in his own world. As we passed him, I stopped, went back to him, took off my Titan Aviator sunglasses and held out my hand.

Me: "Sir, I want to congratulate you."
Cop: "Why, Sir?"
Me: "I think you do a very difficult job and I wanted to congratulate you."
Cop: (slowly starting to smile) "Thank you, Sir."

Needless to say, my colleagues were stunned but appreciative of my gesture.

The thought for this originated earlier in the week when I was riding to work. For some reason, I started thinking about the traffic cops and how they perform such a tough job day in and day out braving the elements, the traffic and the pollution, receive no appreciation and only brickbats. It shouldn't be a 'Citizens v/s Cops' scenario; rather it ought to be a 'Citizens + Cops' scenario.

So how can you appreciate the traffic policemen? Here are some pointers.
  1. Shake his hand and tell him what a fantastic job he's doing and how much you appreciate it. You could hug him, but he may not be too comfortable with that. I would like to hug him though.
  2. Bake him a special batch of cookies or a piece of your delicious Sunday cake. Your nearest cop is probably sitting just 100 meters away. Don't know how to bake? Then pick up a batch from the friendly neighbourhood bakery.
  3. Help me institute a Traffic Policemen Appreciation Day and a Traffic Policemen Appreciation Fund.
Go forth and love thy cop!

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