Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Banana Week

The last week has been one that has been full of the Kuala Lumpur Police Department (KLPD). Although incidents include car accidents and fathers being awake at 3am, I'll stick to just two of them.

On Friday, my cousin and I went to Fabindia to buy some stuff for the newly painted bedroom of another cousin across the seas. We spent a good chunk of time picking out combinations and mentally working out colour settings and finally decided on a particular bedspread and some bold cushion covers. The items had been sent to the check-out counter and we were on our way there to pay money and buy when we were intercepted like a missile by a well-meaning employee of the store whom I believe was like a fashion consultant. She trashed our choices and made us feel like we were colour blind (I'm colour deficient). Finally, we said that we'd come back later that night as we had to go elsewhere. Later that night, we decided to go back to the store. When we were ready to leave, we realised that we could not find the car keys. One of the kids had been playing with it and we could not find it now. We searched high and low and lost a good 20 minutes just searching for the keys. The elders decided that it was not a good sign, what with the woman literally stopping our purchase earlier in the day and now us not being able to find the car keys. So they forbade us from going and we accepted. Almost immediately after that, the keys were found.

The second incident happened with The Dark Knight. On Saturday morning, a bunch of the family members had gone to the Forum Mall and I asked them to pick up tickets for that night's show. I frantically called friends to find out how many wanted to go and after I passed on the final number to the group in the mall. News came back that Saturday night was sold out. So then I checked the other theatre in the city and found a similar result. So the mall group was asked to pick up tickets for Sunday night. The following night, we very happily went to PVR cinemas in Forum Mall, commented on how the time on the tickets said 10:15 while everywhere else the show time said 10. It didn't matter to us. We went in and found our seats divided amongst two separate groups of people. We called the usher who checked all the tickets and, finding a problem, put us in the nearest empty seats, whose owners soon showed up. I mean, it's The Dark Knight, not some foreign film where he can expect seats to be empty. So another check was done and it was discovered that we were in possession of tickets for Sunday's morning show. We all came out and discovered another group of people with the exact same problem. The guy behind the ticket counter on Saturday morning had messed up. To cut a long story short, we didn't get to watch the movie, the PVR guy was unapologetic, we got our money back, and PVR has lost my business forever.

So, it's been a rotten week, made even more rotten by the landing of a job. I hope that the week ahead will shine with possibly the only silver lining from the previous week. I see much Karaoke ahead.

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Meghna said...

SO very hectic did u buy a good one frm the shop finally???

Soory abt the movie....I think i wanna sue those PVR guys.....they really really mess up every time....happnd with me 3 times....LOL!

Have a good day ahead :P