Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Picture Of The Day

A fairly long hiatus requires something special to be broken. That something special for this post has been provided by a very dear friend of mine. This is a picture that I love and that she took during one of our bumbling misadventures through a very crowded market in North Delhi known only as Sadar Bazar.

I love this picture because it looks like time has stood still. This could easily have been a picture from the mid or even early twentieth century. Although there is some denim, trousers and a couple of caps in the background, the two ladies in the foreground immediately capture your eye and startlingly transport you backward in time. It is truly amazing how much the draining of colour can do for a picture. If this picture were in colour, I am sure it would still have been a lovely picture, but I doubt it would have been so hard-hitting.

I have always thought that casual photography is something that just happens. One hasn't really planned ahead, figured out things like framing and lighting and even colour modes. But this friend of mine has shown me with just this one picture, and many others to back it up, that a quick eye and a quick trigger finger can often give even the amateur photographer some startling results. Keep clicking, girl!

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