Wednesday, May 21, 2008


It's raining in Delhi. The rain makes me feel incredibly happy and incredibly depressed in the same vein. I'm incredibly happy because it is so beautiful and I love the rain and flowing water. I'm incredibly depressed because my life is not what I want it to be.

I don't know where my calling lies. What is the one thing that I love doing so much and that I am so good at that I can make my living from it? Where does my future lie? Why does my future lie?

Should I be in the advertising industry? Then why am I not? Why am I not able to get a single advertising agency to hire me? Am I not good enough for the advertising industry?

Should I be a writer? Then why am I thinking about writing and not writing? Why am I not writing articles for publications that will bring in some bread? Is my writing sale worthy?

Should I be an actor? Then why am I not doing any theatre? Why am I not looking seriously at the film industry? Why am I not talking with people from the industry? Am I a good actor?

Should I be a traveller? Should I be exploring the world? Then why am I not doing even minute trips in India? Why am I sitting at home?

Why am I waiting?


Carpe Diem said...

Why don't you put down alternatives to some of the existing ad campaigns?

Just someone said...

Rags, You have a great voice. I think you should become a voice artist like an RJ. You may even get to do radio ads, write radio scripts and produce your own radio show someday. You'll even get to travel if you are a star voice artist. Trust me. Radio will be prove to be the culmination of your talents and interests and your true calling.

Maverick said...

Hey Venky (forgive me for not catching on to the craze of 'rags'.. but for this old school friend you will always be venky!),

Wow.. long greeting.. anyways.. Venky we have all been there. We all have that burning desire to do something and we have the ability (no doubt about that), but everyone gets tested at some point or the other! Especially those in the creative field.

So don't let the worry bog you down.. use it to fuel your passion for what you want to really do in life.

Stay in touch mate!
Amit (Gupta)
P.S. I'm a 'wishful' writer, actor, presenter myself. Just got caught in the wrong job! ;-)