Monday, May 05, 2008

Free Bird

A landmark event happened today in my life. I quit my job. I still have to serve a month's notice period, but officially, I'm on my way out. And I feel exactly like this song by Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Although it hasn't sunk in yet, I am sure I will begin to feel it as the days go by, as I start to work even less and as I wrap up everything to be handed over. It will be a weird phase. What seemed a little strange though was the fact that this action today hardly caused a stir in the office. It seemed that people were sort of expecting the decision. It was certainly welcomed by my boss, if facial expressions are anything to go by.

So, now where do I go from here? Where does my path lead me? Do I have to forge a path? I'm looking to get into the advertising industry, something I've been wanting for a while. Unfortunately, it looks like the advertising industry would prefer to keep me at a distance. I also am working on a book. So, if I find no job in May, then I move to Bangalore and write, while continuing to look for jobs.

It should be one interesting roller coaster ride ahead. I hope my seat belts have passed safety regulations.


vipin said...

congrats...glad ur following ur heart

Anonymous said...

Please be a part of the micahr group at yahoo for regular postings of jobs for MICAns. Hope it helps.


Fellow MICAn

The Soothsayer said...

Baby..the time has come to say..Me too! And am so glad to be a 'Me too' this time... :P

Rags said...

@ vipin:

Thanks mate. It feels great.

@ anonymous:
Dear fellow MICAn. I am already part of the micahr group and I receive regular job postings. Let's hope for the best.

@ the soothsayer:
What? You too? Yay! Isn't it the greatest feeling in the world?

n.aka.zephyr said...

Hey Rags,
Best of luck for everything!!

UnApologetic Confessions said...

I heard it...
And do not bother about facial expressions-they are the most deceptive readings on any body's face.
Enjoy your freedom and I certainly will be one of the few to bee-line for an autographed copy of your book. And then perhaps one of the last to tear it apart through mindless criticism.
Enjoy and all the very best!!!

Carpe Diem said...

Almost the end of the month and nothing for me to read on your blog :(

The Lone Ranger said...

Am joining the club too!!! Keep in touch though, dont have your new number so cannot call ya :-(

philramble said...

Free Bird is one of Lynyrd Skynyrd's best, along with Tuesday's Gone and others. Good luck.