Thursday, April 03, 2008

A Year In Delhi

One year ago, I came to Delhi. One year ago, I spoke to that woman for what has been the last time.

It wasn't the first time that I had come to the national capital. A couple of months previously, I had come for a sporting contest in the national capital region. It was bitterly cold, being early Feb, and I distinctly remember standing on the cricket ground in the middle of the night, too cold and numb to move, for once thankful that I wasn't being called on to bowl, as my team crashed to a first round defeat. But we did end up as runners-up in basketball.

I also remember being amazed at Delhi. I would stare wide-eyed at the spacious roads, the cool infrastructure projects and the sheer size of the city. I was super excited as I rode in the Metro and buoyant that such a world-class city existed in India. I already knew that I was going to move to Delhi and was unabashedly happy at this wondrous stroke of luck.

A year on, much has changed, and not much has changed. I still think Delhi is a world-class city and I still think it's a fabulous city to live in. The streets are wide, the trees are lovely and the space is ample. However, the summers are very hot and the winters are bitterly cold.

Unfortunately, the other large influence in my life over the past year, work has come quite a cropper. Poor bosses and a very unethical style of working are rampant in the organisation, and though it pains my heart to continue, I must, for a little while longer, for reasons I need not delve into.

The past year in Delhi has taught me many things. It has taught me how to live on my own and cope with the pressures of living alone. This is the first time I have lived away from home and family. The 5 months in Chennai in 2004 don't really count because I was staying with my aunt and home was just an overnight train/ bus journey away. The 2 years at MICA don't really count because everybody there eventually became family and we were well taken care of. This one year in Delhi counts.

I know that, even though this is a status report, this post reads like an eulogy. I think it probably will become one. This month, April, will determine future course of action. Depending on what happens in this month, I will find myself either in Bangalore or Delhi next month, but certainly in a different role, either as a jobless writer or as an advertising professional. This month holds the secrets. This month will tell all.


The Soothsayer said...

Ya..this yr does count for a lot...we have been mollycoddled so far...this yr of living out of a suitcase has taught me that I dont like being here I am..back at home..with my peace finally! :P

n.aka.zephyr said...

Hey Rags,
All the very best for your future course of action!
Here's hoping everything falls in place for you :)

n.aka.zephyr said...

I just noticed the famous five books on your bookshelf... all there of them were my favs!

I still have a tattered dog eared copy of famous five on treasure island lying around somewhere at home....

Rags said...

@ the soothsayer:

Yes, it's taught me similar lessons as well. I'm not yet back at home, but the pursuit of peace will lead me there in the near future.

@ n.aka.zephyr:

Thank you. And similar good tidings for you as well.

I loved all of them: Famous Five, Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, Five Find-Outers, The Secret Seven, and a couple of others whose names I can't even remember now. I followed up on your article and did some reading and it shocked me. Bloody Disney!