Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Picture Of The Day

I clicked this when the early morning Shatabdi I was on between Delhi and Chandigarh stopped at a station, the name of which I am at a loss to recall now. This picture was clicked on March 1, and the amount of fog I saw along the way astounded me given the time of year.

Saturday, March 15, 2008


Consecutive posts with a number as the title. I've been tagged again, this time by a twenty somebody. This one has to do with eights, which is incidentally a lucky number in Chinese culture. Glad to see my popularity in the blogosphere on the rise.

Eight things I am passionate about:
Armchair Activism/ Philosophy
BoBo (Bourgeois Bohemian)
Utopian Rebellion

Eight things I want to do before I die:

Drive around the country
Become a famous published author
Drive a truck for a living for a while
Open a cafe
Play a whole range of percussion instruments
Spend a few years travelling and living in other countries
Make feature films the way I want to
Run for political/ public office

Eight things I say often:
The fuck
Behen ke laude
Bhains ki aankh
Other random sounds

Eight books I've read recently:
Mexica - Norman Spinrad (good)
Gifted - Nikita Lalwani (an exercise in futility, gave it up)
The Murder of Roger Ackroyd - Agatha Christie (good)
Five Point Someone - Chetan Bhagat (horrendous)
The Kite Runner - Khaled Hosseini (started out well, twisted and turned too much)
Above Average - Amitabh Bagchi (Indians can't write English fiction)
After Dark - Haruki Murakami (surreal, interesting)
English, August - Upamanyu Chatterjee (this Indian can write good English fiction)

Books in the pipeline:

The Indian Clerk - David Leavitt
'Tis - Frank McCourt
The Mammaries of the Welfare State - Upamanyu Chatterjee
Some of Gandhi's writings, maybe My Experiments with Truth
One Hundred Years of Solitude - Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Some of JRR Tolkien's writings

Eight songs I could listen to over and over:
Hmmm...this is very difficult; there are just too many songs. So instead, I'll put down bands I could listen to over and over.
Black Sabbath
Led Zeppelin
The Unlike No Ones
Thermal and a Quarter
Lounge Piranha

Eight things that attracts me to my close friends:

I share a different relationship with each of my friends. It is impossible for me to say that I became close friends with these people because of a particular reason. It could be anything, but mostly it is the time and the experiences shared. These could range from cigarettes to back-to-back movies to anything under the sun. This does not mean that the same thing with another person would lead to a similar result.

People I think should do this tag:
Verbose Lulla
Sunanda Manni (it's payback time)
The Smugbug

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


This is my 100th post. As a way of celebrating this important milestone, I have decided to pay tribute to everything around me in the form of a rant. Everything has contributed in some way or the other, big or small, to making this blog what it is, and everything deserves a rant. After all, if I was not affected in some way, I probably wouldn't have blogged about it. And the ranting has begun.

I hate the way how every post has to be well structured and thought out, almost like I'm writing an article that has to find its way past the sniveling editors and be published. I despair at the fact that I am unable to write a spontaneous blog post, or at the very least make it sound and seem spontaneous, and despair even more when I read blogs that read more spontaneously than mine, or are drier and more wry, or are more humorous, or have more comments or profile views, or are more depression and paranoia ridden.

I hate software. All dictionaries assume I want to write in American English, when in reality American English is not even a language. We were colonised by the British, everything in us has been influenced by the British, and we will remain stoically British, atleast in matters of language, education and governance. Also, since I bought my cell phone in India and considering that almost everything is being made to order for India, shouldn't my phone dictionary contain Indian words and names, rather than phoren ones that wouldn't even pass muster with Mallu Christians? BTW, I love Mallus and Mallu Christians.

I hate having to be politically correct all the time. I hate having to watch what I say and try to say the right things so that I can get my way, or at least not hurt the other person's feelings, or ruin our relationship. Heck, I'm thinking it, I'm feeling it, why the bloody hell can't I say it? I love you. I hate you. I think you're an insecure pretentious prick. I think you're the greatest thing God ever created to grace this Earth and I'm so glad that you're a part of my life. Marry me.

I hate not being able to do what I want to. The freedom I enjoyed in college has been curtailed tremendously and I am not enjoying it. I can't just drop something and pick up something else, like I used to be able to. I hate not having enough time to do my personal stuff, rather having to spend a large portion of my day at work pursuing nobody's dream. Why can't all 24 hours be for me and about me?

I hate people.

Here's to the first 100. May the numbers keep rolling.