Wednesday, February 27, 2008

My Alphabet

Right! So I've been tagged once again by my indomitable Su Manni who has returned after a long hiatus with a vengeance, and this time it's personal, like they say in the movies. Without the further ado that I had planned, let me plunge.

A - Available? Physically, yes. Mentally and emotionally, no. I'm too much in love with myself and too depressed along with a heart long lost and gone cold for you to have any chance.
B - Best Friend: I have had a few over the years but at the end of the day, I am my best friend and my worst enemy.
C - Cake or Pie: The only pie I know is Apple Pie and I haven't eaten it for years. Cake it is.
D - Drink of Choice: Strong South Indian filter coffee made the right way.
E - Essential thing used everyday: Cigarettes, though I hope to change that soon.
F - Favourite Colour: Black, yellow, blue, red - they fight for dominance everyday.
G - Gummi bears or worms: I have no idea what these are, though I think they might be candy or a TV show. So I'll go with the other G I'm starting to get interested in - God.
H - Hometown: Bangalore, but born in Coimbatore.
I - Indulgence: Modes of transportation. I take an auto everywhere when I really should be exploring the bus system. I fly home regularly on my dad's money. The car is always available for me at home. I'm seriously considering buying a bicycle.
J - January or February: No brainer. Feb all the way, against any month of the year. I was born in Feb and it's different from all the other months, just like I strive to be from other people.
K - Kids and names: A girl and a boy, if you please. Not great at coming up with names and I had some pretty silly names picked out when the relationship was in full swing. No names now, and no kids planned for another half a decade, at the very least.
L - Life is incomplete without: Depression
M - Marriage Date: To be decided upon with the other party when the other party is decided upon.
N - Number of siblings: One younger brother who is pretty close on my heels in terms of life panning out; haven't been much of a role model or a brother to him, wish we were closer, but I love him to death.
O - Oranges or Apples: Tough call. I like both, but I think apples win by a slight margin.
P - Phobias: Many. Closed spaces, heights, flying, creepy-crawlies, commitment, touch, people, death, losing my family.
Q - Quote: The only true currency in this bankrupt world is what you share with someone else when you're uncool - Lester Bangs from Almost Famous
R - Reason to Smile: I know I'm getting out of this mess someday and I'm getting myself a better life doing what I want to do, living it the way I want to live it.
S - Season: I love different things about different seasons. But I really like to watch the rain. It calms me infinitely, like nothing else can.
T - Tag three people: No. I will not. I don't like being forced to write and I will not force it on anybody else. Also, I hate being made to choose.
U - Unknown fact about me: I love watching people cry, the kind of tears that are produced when they are hurt deep inside, when the heart truly aches. I fret that I am not able to produce the same kind of tears; makes me wonder if I really am dead inside.
V - Vegetable you do not like: Again, tough. I have been able to develop a sort of tolerance to all vegetables over the years, but I would believe that the spinach and the brinjal are waging a keen battle for the top slot.
W - Worst Habit: Sloth. I spend a large part of my day not moving any part of my life forward and time is passing me by. I have the intent, but am generally lacking in the pushing-coming-to-shoving department.
X - X rays you have had: Neck
Y - Your favourite food: South Indian all the way. Thakali rasam, moru kozhambu, vetthai kozhambu.
Z - Zodiac: Aquarius


Su said...

So you won't tag someone because you don't want to force them to write. A dig at me ? Screw you :)

suraksha said...

U - Unknown fact about me: I love watching people cry, the kind of tears that are produced when they are hurt deep inside, when the heart truly aches. I fret that I am not able to produce the same kind of tears; makes me wonder if I really am dead inside.

This is a scary idea. Hmm.

Rags said...

@ su:
Come on Su. If it wasn't for people like you, I would never write half the stuff I write now. You are a driving force, an inspiration.

@ suraksha:
What is a scary idea? That I like watching people cry or that I might be dead inside?

suraksha said...

That you might be dead inside. But then again, your writings are suggestive of the opposite. Mucho. :)

the insider said...

gud going dude...
You told enough about yourself...but it maybe liked more by people who you know and vice-versa..
gud newaz...

Rags said...

@ suraksha:
I think there are 2 forms of writing: what you are and what you are not. I think my writing is a combination of both. A shout out to multiple personalities.

@ the insider:
Hello and welcome to my blog. Hopefully, as you trawl through my archives, you will get to know me better and then you'll like me even more. :)