Tuesday, February 19, 2008


I love the word "lovely". The word "lovely" is one of my favourite words. I use it in all my birthday and anniversary and new year greetings. Wish you a lovely year ahead.

Words conjure up certain images in my mind. Not all words have the power to do that, just some words with special powers. These words have qualities like or unlike other words, but they're special in the way they roll off the tongue, the way they bring a slight hint of a smile (or any other expression) to my face, the way they almost seem to linger in the air as their last syllable continues to waft around my ears.

"Lovely" brings to mind a bright red cherry or plum. Even though it's dry, it is glistening, almost bursting with juicy redness. It has a little white square at the top right, where the light is hitting it, a classic frame for any artist. It has a fairly straight stem that only marginally tilts to the right, not unlike the Leaning Tower of Pisa. The mouth is watering and the only way to satiate it is to bite into that juicy cherry or plum.


suraksha said...

Touché! That happens to me with turbulent. :)

Rags said...

@ suraksha:

Words replay memories and relay emotions.

"Turbulent" somehow brings to mind an aircraft flying through dark clouds and stormy weather, being bounced around, like in the movie "Almost Famous".