Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Following my post on Pablo Neruda, I thought it was only fair that I posted one of my own poems, written but a few days ago. In no way comparable to the great Neruda's works of poetic art, opinion dictates that it is still easily one of the best pieces of poetry I have ever written. I have found that when I write poetry giving in to the moment rather than trying to structure it beforehand, I churn out some truly scintillating stuff. A lesson to be learned.

It was a maze of cobble stoned paths
We had been invited to
The city was abuzz with activity and people
I thought I had found myself in ancient Mexica
The air was filled with excitement
Colourful banners filled the streets
A big name was marrying another big name

2 smaller names were also marrying each other
The ones that had invited us
And as we took off to explore the city
We found ourselves twisting and winding
Till we got to a particular well-known restaurant

But while my friends went in, I couldn’t
Because something had caught my eye just ere
I had seen her face
Sure, only the eyes were visible as the scarf covered the mouth
But those eyes were unmistakeably hers
I would recognise them anywhere, even in my sleep

I had to find out if it really was her
Or if I was still hallucinating after all these years
I darted along the narrow streets
I could not lose her now after coming so close
Please God, if I must believe in you, let it be now

And then I saw her again, even though I knew it would lead to heartache
I was amazed at how clearly I could remember her face
Every detail, the nose, the smile, the bouncing silky lustrous hair
Every smudged detail, every blurred feature
Was all suddenly back in sharp beautiful focus

I tried to be discreet but failed miserably
I think she could hear my heartbeat, feel my heartache
And she soon realised I was following her
With our history, it would be tantamount to stalking
I thought I should move away and let her go

And so I did, pretending to go back to my pretence of a life
Wondering how this was not happening in Parisian streets
As I had always imagined it would
Considering the poetry I had written for her
And so I did, pretending to go back to my pretence of a life

But within a couple of seconds, I realised how impossible that was
I swung back but I had already lost her in the crowd
I ran this way and that
I looked into this nook and that cranny
But she was nowhere to be seen
My heart cringed at the thought that I had lost her again
That it was all because of me all over again

And as I stood looking at the band being introduced
Forlorn, anguished, painful, melancholy
I felt her behind me, and turned
She was standing on a higher platform, looking down at me

And then in that voice I thought I had forgotten forever
And thought my ears would never again have the pleasure of being caressed by
“Hi Raghav”
And she rubbed my forearm
Or was it hers that she was rubbing in discomfort?

In her very next breath, with her voice breaking
Again so fresh in my memory
Because of my previous caddish behaviour towards her
“Bye Raghav”
And she made to leave but I blocked her way
Protesting, I had paid for my mistakes
I had suffered long enough, no more

Please, give me another chance
The number of which I have lost count of
The right to ask for one long relinquished many times over
Please, I plead, I beg, I implore
She refuses, but I can’t let her go, not again

She finally agrees, and I pump the air
Amazed at the fact that she’s actually agreed
Unbelievable, unexpected, but welcome
We go looking for a restaurant, but all are full
I don’t care, I’m just glad she’s back with me

Paradise has been regained
Heaven lost has been won back
Eternal bliss is now believable and achievable
There is a God after all, I believe again

And I looked at her walking in front of me
Capturing that absolutely beautiful image in my mind
She was so near that I could reach out and touch her
Feel her skin again, feel the life coursing through her body
Feel the heart beat for only me again
See her eyes and her smile only for me

And then I awoke
And I knew my day had been ruined even before it had begun


n.aka.zephyr said...

Really well written poem!
I could visualize it as if it was unfolding in front of my eyes...

p.s: belated happy b'day...

Rags said...

@ n.aka.zephyr:

Thanks. I visualised it too. My dreams are always in third person, even when I'm in the dream. It's like I'm watching a movie in which I play a part.

And thanks for the birthday wishes :)

suraksha said...

*Respect* Like I said, you're my God Of the Written Word! :)

Rags said...

@ suraksha:

Like I said, I love the uber cool title you've given me.

*Respect* on that crossword. 18 seconds into the puzzle and I was completely at sea.