Monday, October 15, 2007

Weekends: A Testimony To Closure

This weekend that just passed was an absolutely brilliant weekend. It was one of the best weekends I have had in a long long time.

On Saturday morning, three of us landed up at the Delhi Golf Course. The Indian Open was in progress. One of us was there on work, because her brand was associated with the tournament; the other two decided to tag along. So we landed up at about 10:45 am and picked up a sheet that gave us information on who was teeing off when. Jyoti Randhawa was teeing off at about 11:45 and we really wanted to watch him (also, there might be the off chance that his wife Chitrangdha Singh might be around; unfortunately, she didn't make the desired appearance). So we went and grabbed a bite of some really bad sandwich and came back to the first hole at precisely 11:45 am.

There are always three golfers who play together. Accompanying Jyoti Randhawa was U Park from Australia and R Gangjee from India. We followed them around for 5 holes in the blazing sun (my friend had unfortunately not brought any form of protection and had to face the brunt of the sun). Park lived up to his name as he sent the ball to all corners of the park and woods. Gangjee was a bit erratic. But the man in form was Randhawa. He eventually went on to win the Open coming from behind the next day. It was a surreal experience. And a lovely morning.

The evening saw a visit to Nehru Park in Chanakyapuri. There was a run happening and we were expected to participate in it. It was to help us gauge where we were in our preparations for the Delhi Marathon that is now happening in less than 2 weeks. The run was a grassroots running initiative by Adidas called the Otto Peltzer Run. The men were to run 5.6 km. Now, even though I've been meaning to train for the marathon for the last couple of months, I am very out of shape and unprepared for the marathon. It showed. I was wheezing and holding my stomach in no time. I managed to finish 2.8 km in under 20 min. That's all I managed to finish.

There was a Walkathon happening on Sunday morning in aid of breast cancer, and I had wanted to go for that. But come Sunday morning, and I was in no shape to participate, thanks to the exertions of the previous day. So I slept some more. When I finally awoke, I spent the rest of the morning and all afternoon playing cricket on my computer.

Sunday evening saw a reunion of MICAns. About 7-8 of us met up, celebrated a birthday, drank a couple of beers, talked, laughed, gossiped, wondered, got nostalgic, cribbed about work, and generally had a good time. It was lovely.

And then my room-mate packed up and left this morning for his new posting in Lucknow. It'll be weird living alone again. But he ought to be back in a couple of months. Till then, bring on the women, I say! Your place or mine?


suraksha said...

When I finally awoke, I spent the rest of the morning and all afternoon playing cricket on my computer.
boys and their toys. :P

looks like you had some majo fun! i had a really great weekend in ages too! :D hee!

Rags said...

You too? Tell me about it.