Thursday, September 13, 2007

Such Is Life

Don't you think it's about time a poem was demanded? I think the time demands a poem. So after a long hiatus/ with a monthly review snapping at my heels and looming large in front of me/ from my archives I shall produce/ a poem. (You expected a longer last line, didn't you? Snigger snigger)

Such Is Life

The screen is blinking
My eyes are glazed
How I'm wishing
My drink was laced

I can hear the hum
Flat in its drone
My mind is numb
My sanity gone

My fingers are in place
To type such melancholy
It fills this space
With its bitter cacophony

I want to scream
I want to break free
Of the chains that bind me
And hold me to this lie
Called life

I lock my door
And walk to the ledge
I've always wanted more
But now I'm on the edge

I look at the street below
At my millions of minions
Should I fly, float
Or crash into those simians?

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