Thursday, September 13, 2007

Does Anybody Remember Laughter?

It's all happening! The biggest band in the world, Led Zeppelin, are re-uniting for one last concert, and it's happening in my lifetime. The only issue is that it's happening on November 26 in London. Now, how do I get to London? And how do I get the tickets for what will obviously be one of the most sought-after events in the history of the world? It all works out to be so expensive. Apparently, tickets were made available via a lottery system on, costing 125 UKP (254 USD). The website exceeded its bandwidth allowance and crashed almost immediately following the announcement (Source). It's still down, I checked.

As I sat fretting over the prospect of missing the opportunity that will allow me to tell my grandkids proudly that I attended a Led Zeppelin concert (doesn't matter if the drummer's first name is different, the initial is still the same), one of my friends came up with an idea. She suggested that I start a charity to raise money to help me go to London and attend the Led Zeppelin concert. So, I will.

This is a plea to all music lovers as well as general humanitarians out there; this is a plea to kindly donate to the "Venkat For Led Zep" charity fund. Donations will be accepted in all manners and forms: money, flight tickets, concert tickets, Led Zep albums and merchandise, a dinner date, a plum role in a feature film, the chance to direct my own feature film, a puppy, a book publishing contract, a shiny new cruiser bike, a shiny new drum kit. You get the idea.

This is how you can donate. Leave a comment. I will reply. We can work out details. Oh, and if you donate to the "Venkat For Led Zep" charity fund, all your donations will be exempt from Income Tax under section 80D (if and only when I become the Income Tax Commissioner). So, donate generously.


lazy doctor akka said...

Hey, This is Sunanda manni's lazy/doctor/london akka. Was reading your blog when I am supposed to be working here,in the hospital!!Anyways seeing u are such a big rock fan, come and stay with us in London. You are most welcome to stay and it would be great having you over.

Rags said...

@ lazy doctor akka: WooHoo! An Akka of my Manni's is an Akka of mine. Thanks a ton. You are the first contributor to my charity fund, and I would love to come over. Great! Now that my boarding and lodging is taken care of, I need to get flight and concert tickets in order now. :)