Thursday, August 23, 2007

Nip And Tuck

I don't know if you've been noticing, but my blog has been undergoing some serious heavy-duty life-impacting changes. It's also partly a reason as to why my posts have become slightly scarce in the recent past following the relative barrage before that.

I flirted with commercialisation by experimenting with Google AdSense. I came, I saw, I learnt (I didn't earn though). Then the template was changed from the restricting blue one to the widespread white one that is currently on. Google AdSense became history. Then came more changes. I added labels, started tagging my posts, as a result of which, you now see a Labels element on the right side of the page. If you scroll down further, you will see some personal details of mine. I updated my profile under Know Rags and added some prolific bloggers under Other Blogs I Like ("Other" because I like my own blog too). Then I added some understanding on my cultural influences. Books Recently Read, Books Currently Reading, Movies Recently Watched, Music Recently Bought.

Just when you thought I was done, I came back with a vengeance. I signed up with Feedburner and got myself an RSS feed. So you can now subscribe for updates and notifications as and when I update my blog. I suggest you do. I signed up with IndiBlogger and got myself a cool badge. So you can now find me on the directory of Indian bloggers. You can see both these icons on the top right of my blog, above and below the I Power Blogger icon.

Now do you think I'm done? I am, for the moment.

UPDATE (Aug 24, 2007): I've dropped Books Recently Read and Books Currently Reading in favour of the new uber-cool book shelf of mine, courtesy Shelfari. Thanks a ton for introducing and inviting me to this, GCP. Now, if only I could get something like this going for my music and movies collection as well.

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