Tuesday, August 28, 2007

My Favourite Things

I was tagged sometime back by my Manni, insisting that I write down a list of my favourite things. And as I sat and thought about it, and then thought about it some more, it became increasingly clear to me that this was a very difficult exercise. I've spent a larger part of my free-thinking life brooding and moping, revelling in my depression and generally frittering my time away. But this is an important exercise that I must do, simply because it makes my life that much more beautiful and well-laid out. So, here is a list of my favourite things, neither in a particular order nor exhaustive.
  • Flowing Water: I love watching and listening to flowing water, be it the rain, a babbling brook, water racing down my window, a fountain. It puts me at immense peace and I can just be. One of the jingles for Radio Mirchi has a similar effect on me because it sounds a lot like flowing water. Some of my favourite songs like Black Sabbath by Black Sabbath and Riders On The Storm by The Doors also employ sounds of the rain.
  • Filter Coffee: Well-made strong South Indian filter coffee always makes me go weak at the knees, and I can go on drinking it. I have been deprived for over two years since I moved out of home and have had to satiate my desire by drinking instant coffee or the commercialised Italian varieties. On my trips home, I ensure I get a solid dose of caffeine, the way it's supposed to be made.
  • South Indian Food & Its Combinations: South Indian food, made South Indian style, tops my food preference list any day. Morkuzhambu, vathalkuzhambu, rasam, sambar, thohail (pudina, tengai), cabbage kootu, venn pongal, appalam; I love these food items. And when you eat them in various combinations, they just make you believe in God. Like I like only a particular kind of appalam, the yellow variety that has been in boiling oil, not the white rice ones or the ones burnt over the flame. And these appalams go brilliantly with anything but my all-time desert island favourite combinations for the appalam are:
    • Thohail Chaadam
    • Cabbage Kootu Chaadam
    • Rasam Chaadam
    • Sambar Chaadam
  • Working Out Logical Problems In My Head: These could be anything, from a math problem to figuring out the right drumming pattern. Drumming, or music for that matter, depends heavily on structure, and when you have to figure out stuff between 8 notes, 16 quarter notes and 32 quarter notes, along with variations like triplets and odd time signatures, I can sit around for hours just working out various permutations and combinations of the notes and the various drums (snare, bass, toms, etc.) that are available for use. Of course, then I want to try these out on the drums.
  • Philosophising: I sit and I philosophise, about life, about the need for women to wear high heels on cobblestoned roads, about the futility of it all, about the need for beauty and its appreciation, about anything that I think needs philosophising over. I feel infinitely cleverer.
  • Creative Expression: Expressing creatively is of prime importance to me. I write (blog posts, stories, poetry, scripts), I play the drums, I act (theatre, though I am looking at films), I act cute and childish, I sing, I laugh uncontrollably, I sketch and draw, I talk absolute gibberish, I build entire scenarios and stories in my head, I crack jokes (most of which only I laugh at), I hug, I love.
  • My Family: I love my family. I think it's the greatest family in the world, both immediate and extended. I love where we come from, our socialisations, the customs we follow, the orthodox-yet-modern approach to life that we have, the intellectualism that runs deep in our veins. My family is the reason for me being who I am, and I love me.
  • My Idiosyncrasies: I have strange quirks and I am proud of every one of them for making me as different and unique from the rest of the crowd as possible. Being different and unique is very important to me, and it reflects in what I do and how I think and how I look. I'm very tall (6'6" or 198 cm or 1.98 m). I exhibit obsessive-compulsive behaviour, everything has to be placed in some relation to the other, maybe straight lines or maybe some weird connection that I have formed in my head, everything has to be in even numbers or equally done or in some combination that satisfies my evenness equality quirk. I like to believe that I have numerous phobias and multiple personalities. I am colour deficient (I can't see all colours). I think I will dedicate an entire detailed blog post to this in the future.
  • My Own Special Brand Of Depression: Like I've mentioned earlier, I revel in my depression, I enjoy it, it makes me happy. It's comfortable and gives a nice fuzzy kind of warm feeling. I feel like I'm in familiar territory and I can relax. It's my fortress and nobody can touch me here. It has gone to such an extent that I can see the signs of an oncoming depression, what to expect during the depression phase, what to do, how to whine and mope, and even what to mope about to extend my depression phase.
  • Free Rock Music: By this, I don't mean rock music that's free to download and hear. I'm talking about rock music that is by itself and in itself free. This music usually belongs to the free-thinking era of the sixties and the seventies, when flower power and free love ruled the world. Music that is uninhibited and not specially made and produced to increase record sales. Music that truly speaks to your inner self without seeming contrived. Music that is free.


Carpe Diem said...

I like a lot of the same things you wrote. Hey, this depression activity of yours is serious huh?
I'll tell you another thing you should add - its your fetish to observe people and a certain kind at that! And that charm you call second nature, just dropping it off everywhere you go.

Sulicious said...

Intense stuff :)