Thursday, August 09, 2007

Chak De India: The Alternate Version

The latest film from the Yash Raj banner, Chak De India, starring Shah Rukh Khan hits theatres tomorrow. And as it has no romantic angle or song, it begs for one, in true Bollywood fashion. So I'm going to attempt one here, based on an idea that just came to me over lunch and is still being formulated as I write this post.

The love interest is played by Sushmita Sen. Her grandfather played hockey for India in the Olympics. He won himself a gold medal. Sush's father played hockey for India in the Olympics as well. But he could not win himself a medal, let alone a gold. Sush is an only child, and her father pushed her into hockey to keep alive his own dreams of winning a medal. But women's hockey was plagued with the ills that were afflicting men's hockey, and she was unable to succeed, leaving her father to die a sad and last-wish-unfulfilled death. It has always been troubling her, and she continues to support the women's hockey team in whatever way she can even today as an attempt to gain retribution and atone for her sins, at the cost of her personal life. Enter Shah Rukh Khan to coach the current women's hockey team. Sparks fly between the two stalwarts in verbal arguments. But then, both see the other's good intentions and pure heart, and succumb. What starts off as a professional relationship soon escalates into a personal one, and sparks fly once again, but of a different kind, and hockey becomes hickey. And what happens to the hockey team? Oh, they get into the finals and a pulsating climax, where old rivalries are settled and differences are forgotten, leads to the team either winning or losing. It doesn't matter which. Everybody is happy.

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