Monday, July 30, 2007

Oh, To Stimulate The Intelligence And Not To Simulate It

I've just been going about my normal daily life, minding my own normal daily business. There-in lies the problem. It's too normal, it's too daily. I didn't realise how much of a rut I had gotten myself into till I went to meet the sister-I-never-had yesterday. Last evening was the stuff the dreams of my future life are made of. After getting off to a shaky start, the evening solidified. We sat around in a nice wide open space in the middle of a mall (an absolutely crappy mall, but it had lots of open spaces) and talked. Intellectual stuff, heart-wrenching stuff, counterculture stuff, anti-popular culture stuff, funny stuff, personal stuff, on the mobile phone stuff. We did it all. The only thing missing that would have made the evening perfect was the presence of flowing water nearby. I love looking at flowing water and listening to it - it mesmerises me. That's why I love watching the rain. That's why I love my room at home in Bangalore which has an entire wall made of sliding glass doors leading out to the balcony. So when it rains, I can just sit in my room with its hued walls and soft yellow lighting emanating from the lamps, with a cup of hot coffee (not a hot cup of coffee, as is commonly and wrongly said) and be. Just be. Just being is my single greatest aspiration, it gives me the maximum satisfaction, more than anything else in the world. To just be with the things that make you happy and content. What more could I ask for? Sigh.

On an aside, I have become a new fan of this comic strip that appears in the Hindustan Times. It's called "This is Our Life" and it's an Indian strip. Very, very funny and he uses consumer insights quite nicely. Today's was especially funny. Kudos to Rajneesh Kapoor! I can really relate to his strip. Khaled Mohammed can, however, go and wash his mouth with soap for having interviewed Amjad Ali Khan, Amaan and Ayaan Ali Khan the way he did, and then writing it in an even more rude and insulting way. Khaled, I have been noticing your writings for years now, right from your film reviews in The Times of India, and I can tell you that I have formed an opinion that many of my friends and acquaintances share. You are extremely biased. You never judge a film on its quality, but rather on the size of its star name. You treat the true hard-working, low-profile personalities with disdain while you prop up and glorify the popular movie stars who are more glamorous. I am not saying the latter are not hard-working, I am saying that you get pulled in by the name. Shame on you!

Anyway, I'm going to sign off now. And remember (at the cost of sounding preachy), jump-start creativity and stimulate intelligence, don't just simulate it. If you don't know the difference between 'stimulate' and 'simulate', chances are you're doing the latter. Look it up.

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Su said...

To just be with the things that make you happy and content. What more could I ask for? Sigh.

Wow. a lovely post. so insightful. keep up the lovely writing.