Monday, June 04, 2007

Work And Home

Right! I really haven't been able to come up with anything to write about for over 2 weeks now. So I decided that before I needed to make a It's Been A While: The Trilogy, I had best write about something that I ought to have long back, considering that my entire life has changed thanks to this. As some of you would recall, or probably already know, I have been employed by Music Today, the music label of India Today, and I have relocated to New Delhi. So, I now have a new work place and a new home.

Work is good. I have a sweet office, some very nice colleagues and a really good boss who wants to take time out to ensure that I'm being guided properly, a rarity today. It is also a fairly decent profile with some good work waiting to be done. You would say I've got it made, right? Wrong. There is a small lingering doubt seated deep in my heart. Something remains unsatisfied. This is not what I had signed up for. I've done 4 months of advertising and 2 more months during my internship. Even though I wasn't in a decision-making position and didn't have to report and meet targets, I loved it. Maybe it was because I didn't have to do all those things that I loved it. I don't know. And that is precisely why I want to go back to it. I don't know if I'm supposed to be in advertising. I must give it a shot, a serious shot. I must know.

Home is good. I've found myself (well, actually my parents found it for me) a nice little room. It's pretty spacious and well-maintained. It has really made my life much easier and has smoothed my entry into Delhi. I've been telling people it's a PG, but I now realise that that gives off the wrong impression. Allow me to express correctly in order to give the right impression. A sweet elderly couple have a nice big house. Their children have gotten married and moved out. They have now given their 2 rooms on the ground floor out for rent (each with an attached bathroom that also serves as a separate entry/exit!). The ground floor also has a little common kitchen. The couple lives on the first floor. Now, they had a cook who would cook for us. He of course decided to take off to his native village for a month or two as a holiday. We don't know if he's ever going to return. That forced me to start cooking for myself, as I presently do. I live in a nice area as well - South Extension I. Add a couple of lovely colleagues who live nearby and who I auto-pool with, and you'd wonder why I'd ever want to move, right? Wrong. My friend Anirudh has come to Delhi to work with Hindustan Times, and if he gets his final posting here, then we look for a flat and move in together.

I miss home. Home home (I'm reading Nick Hornby's High Fidelity, loved the movie). In moments of weakness, I feel like packing up and going back to Bangalore. I mean, screw the independence and the freedom and all that. I want to go home to my parents. Now that my brother is moving out (good news - he got through MICA, just like I did 2 years ago), my parents finally have an empty nest. I'm sure they'll enjoy the solitude and each other's company for a while, but after a while, all the friends in the world can't replace children at home. Now, my brother will probably do trips home for a week every 3 months. My trips will be spaced even further apart. This leads me to my current situation. I want to quit work, I want to go home; but these are the easy options. Another option is to look for advertising jobs in Delhi. And that seems to be my best option at the moment, although not my current option that can be pressed into action immediately.

This is a dangerous post. If my office or my home reads this, I would have landed myself in the proverbial soup.

Love and peace.


Anonymous said...

The proverbial soup? For wondering out loud? And when you've had nothing but nice words about them?
Naah. Hardly something to get dooced for.

Keep wondering, Rags. Even when you find that sweet spot in life when everything seems perfect.

And yeah,keep blogging too.:)

sonal said...

Hey venky, i know how u feel about wanting to go home :) trust me, i'm in the same position.
but yes, life gets better...
i think.

Su said...

You had written some good stuff about your boss. But scouting for another job and mentioning it online may not be such a good idea :)