Monday, June 18, 2007

Let's Roll In The Benjamins, I Say!

If you've been visiting my blog regularly (or if you visited it eons ago and dropped by again yesterday), you would have probably noticed a few, albeit major, changes. You would have seen advertising. But no worries, it is meant to be non-intrusive contextual advertising. This means that my all-over-the-place personal blog will now be supported by some advertisements and pieces of communication that will be all-over-the-place and that you will not notice. All this not-in-your-face of-no-interest-to-you stuff is courtesy Google AdSense (I'm not hyper-linking this because there's a referral ad for the same at the top of my blog posts; click on that). I had held out for the longest time against installing Google AdSense on my blog because I didn't want to sell out. I was writing this blog for my own personal satisfaction, to satiate some inner creative urge; not to make money. But then, the Music Today website had to get Google AdSense on it, and since I am in charge of the website and all that is associated with it, I decided to set out to understand, learn and explore. My blog was the guinea pig. All in all, it worked out pretty well; I developed more than a basic understanding of HTML, I know how AdSense works and I'm teaching the IT guys a thing or two. Truth be told, it's like a rock band. It's all about the music, not the money or the fame or the chicks or any of that. It's always about the music. Now, go and click on of those ads.

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Su said...

I want to make MY TRIP. NOT YOURS