Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Left Left Right, Right?

The title of this post has nothing to do with drumming para diddles or with marching, although at first glance, it might suggest so. Observe carefully the intrusive comma and the sentence converting missionary, the question mark, allegedly invented by Dr. Evil's father (I saw Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery yesterday). Realisation that it is in actuality a correct sentence will dawn on you once you assume that Left and Right are proper nouns. This is not entirely a baseless assumption going by the names given to children today, ranging from places (Brooklyn) to artists' muses (Apple). Anyway, we have diverted enough.

A little introduction is necessary before we move ahead. I am ambidexterous. Atleast I like to believe so. I use my right hand for dexterity and my left hand for power. So I write with my right and I play tennis, badminton and table tennis with my left; I eat with my right and I bowl and box with my left; you get the drift. Now I have been grappling with an injustice that came to my notice after I read an article. The world is made for right-handers. Allow me to elucidate.
A left-hander is called a southpaw. There is no such name, to the best of my knowledge, for a right-hander. The lock and key that we use everyday are made for right-handers. Try locking and unlocking your door with your left hand. It's difficult and unnatural. When the winner of a beauty paegent, I think it was Miss Japan, was asked what the greatest achievement of her life has been, she said "overcoming left-handedness". Watches have the little dial for changing the date and time on the right of the face. If you wore the watch on your right hand and/or were a left-hander, it would be difficult for you to operate it. (Titan is starting to make some changes in this area with dials now appearing on the left and even on the top of the face of their FasTrack range of watches.) The list is endless.

I believe that Ned Flanders' left-handed store in The Simpsons is of great importance because it brings to light a very important issue that many of us don't even realise exists, especially here in India. Did you know there is a left-handers day? Google it. It's on 13th August, but still, Google it. Go lefties! More power to us!

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