Thursday, April 26, 2007

It's Been A While: The Sequel

Right! So it now appears that my posts are getting separated further and further. Blame it on circumstances. Anyway, here's a quick update since the last post 2 months ago.

I went home in early March. It was my farewell trip to my beloved Bangalore. Then I went with friends to Junagadh, Gir and Diu in late March. Both were good trips, to say the least. Then came the convocation, the hugs and the tears. As my huge family from the institute moved on to their respective cities, home mostly, and prepare to start their new careers, the very thought of separation pained each one of us beyond belief. The thought that one of the greatest phases of our lives was now over and that we may not see a lot of the others for a very long time, maybe ever (hopefully not), was just too overwhelming. Anyway, I'm not here for nostalgia and heart-ache. That'll come in my poems.

Vindication arrived in the form of a comment a couple of days ago. That comment is one of the main motivators for this post today. I decided that it was about time I put aside work for a little while and write, for myself and some avid readers. Thank you K. You really warmed the cockles of my heart. I've been feeling great ever since I read your comment.

We did a weird thing on the way to work today. Both of us in the auto put on our earphones and listened to the same radio station on our mobile phones. It was so funny seeing the reaction on her face and knowing exactly what she was listening to and why she was reacting that way. You ought to try it sometime.

And now, back to work! Spartans!