Wednesday, January 03, 2007


This is a poem I wrote in the train while returning from Chennai to Bangalore. It provided me the opportunity to talk to a pretty American of Indian origin who was sitting in front of me. She had enough coincidences to my life for me to treat it as a sign from God, and I'm an atheist! My future's clearing up now.

'Tis indeed a strange thing
This thing we call a train
As it snakes its way through the sparkling countryside
Or zips through a shimmering urban landscape
It gathers all its commuters
Not unlike a mother and her children
Caressing them like peas in a pod
And releasing them at the appropriate time
For them to continue on their journey of life
Content at having been a part of their lives
At having brought together complete strangers
Of whom many would leave as they were - strangers
But some would move on acquainted
And some might exit self-actualised
Whatever 'tis
The course of history has been irrevocably altered

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teejana said...

hi, I came across your blog by chance and i really like your poem. Carry on!
Teejana from france.