Sunday, November 19, 2006

How The Mighty Fall

He walked with his head in the clouds
Walked with kings and Gods
With his best friends by his side
He looked infallible and happy
Then he coveted "thy neighbour's wife"
And acted upon her reciprocation
Stabbing his best friend in the back
Brutus to a Caeser
He went into a self-imposed exile
Imposed by those he called his own
And by those who called him theirs
Expelled by his kith and kin of choice
With only his neighbour's wife by his side
With his reputation lost and her disrepute gained
With his face grounded like an ostrich's
He puts up a brave front
Knowing fully well that another neighbour is around
The disrepute has a reputation
That will be lived up to


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but why post about this now?

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