Friday, November 24, 2006


I would like to solemnly thank Ms. Sarika Chuni, a fellow sufferer archetype in Brand Land, for this collaborative effort.

Brand Masturbation: Excessive stroking of the brand leading to the loss of its core contents, thereby forcing the brand to "go soft"

Brand Gyration: The rollicking motion a brand goes through when deciding upon which consumer mindspace to occupy

Sideshow Brand: The lesser-known third brother from "The Simpsons" (Sideshow Bob and Sideshow Mel) who went into management

Brand Bang: Many brands banging/fighting for the same consumer mindspace

Thong Brand: An unethical brand that pays off necessary parties just the right amounts so
as to cover its arse

Brand Playmates: 2 or more brands that collude and create a collaborative effort/output
for the pleasure of the consumer.
E.g.: Clinic All Clear and Yamaha Motors were Brand Playmates in the campaign that featured the common brand ambassador John Abraham


Anonymous said...

You could've just mentioned my first name you know, Venkatraghavan Srinivasan. :|



Su said...

Brand Booty : Some may find it too big, too small, not round enough or not right but it's yours after all and you can kick the crap out of it if you dont like it anymore :)

vipin said...