Friday, November 24, 2006


I would like to solemnly thank Ms. Sarika Chuni, a fellow sufferer archetype in Brand Land, for this collaborative effort.

Brand Masturbation: Excessive stroking of the brand leading to the loss of its core contents, thereby forcing the brand to "go soft"

Brand Gyration: The rollicking motion a brand goes through when deciding upon which consumer mindspace to occupy

Sideshow Brand: The lesser-known third brother from "The Simpsons" (Sideshow Bob and Sideshow Mel) who went into management

Brand Bang: Many brands banging/fighting for the same consumer mindspace

Thong Brand: An unethical brand that pays off necessary parties just the right amounts so
as to cover its arse

Brand Playmates: 2 or more brands that collude and create a collaborative effort/output
for the pleasure of the consumer.
E.g.: Clinic All Clear and Yamaha Motors were Brand Playmates in the campaign that featured the common brand ambassador John Abraham

Sunday, November 19, 2006

How The Mighty Fall

He walked with his head in the clouds
Walked with kings and Gods
With his best friends by his side
He looked infallible and happy
Then he coveted "thy neighbour's wife"
And acted upon her reciprocation
Stabbing his best friend in the back
Brutus to a Caeser
He went into a self-imposed exile
Imposed by those he called his own
And by those who called him theirs
Expelled by his kith and kin of choice
With only his neighbour's wife by his side
With his reputation lost and her disrepute gained
With his face grounded like an ostrich's
He puts up a brave front
Knowing fully well that another neighbour is around
The disrepute has a reputation
That will be lived up to

Friday, November 10, 2006

My Shadow And I

I see my shadow stretching out in front of me
Infinite like the Daddy Long Legs that I am
Existent because of the light source behind me
A frizzly mop topping a stick frame
But what is worrisome is not my shadow
But what lies beside it - nothing
Vast expanses flanking either side of my shadow
In a world it was never meant to be in
Never wanted to be in
And as my shadow slowly slinks into the darkness
That lies ahead on my path, my future
I crave for the smile, the kiss,
The real love that only a significant other can give

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Early Morning Wake Up Call

I hadn't slept all night
Yet I had the perfect start to the day
With the sun peeking out of
Its brilliant moon-lit black blanket
When the duty of an early morning wake up call
Revealed to me in a sudden moment of inspiration
The most breath-taking vision of beauty
Radiating in the glow of sleep
In her most vulnerable moment of truth
With all her guards and inhibitions down
She revealed to me almost inadvertently
Her most glorious and beautiful side
I was thunderstruck
Knocked senseless
Rooted to the ground in stunned reverence
At the justice of nature
There is poetry in the world after all