Monday, September 04, 2006


The Unlike No Ones had their big comeback gig on Sept 1. A nice long one hour gig. As is wont with such big occassions, things went awry. We started like a true rock act - late. And there weren't too many people around, not the kind of numbers we had expected. But the guys who did stick around were treated to one heck of a show, I am sure. We have really improved as a band (and there are people who will vouch for our suckiness last year). On a more personal note, my drumming has improved exponentially, I believe. Really proud of "Mr. Peddler", I love that song. And now, it's time to conquer the country through all the B-school fests and other competitions, and then the world.

And spring cleaning always seems to happen on the guy's day off.

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Anonymous said...

Tch, tch, tch. The spring cleaning today was an urgent necessity and you know it! And I know that you will enjoy sleeping in a clean room tonight!