Saturday, August 19, 2006

Leisure Time

I am a man of leisure. Looking at my lifestyle over the last week or so, somebody commented that I live a semi-retired life, what with my private balcony where I put up my feet while relaxing in an exquisitely cushioned chair with nothing but the best international artistes caressing my ears to the tune of the soft radiant glow emmited by my beautiful floor lamp, and the burden of work doing nothing more than a light wrinkle on the garment covering my shoulder. People who know me however would argue that this is how I've been living for the last couple of months now, so what makes the last week any different. What makes it different, my good man, is that I have just improved on perfection - my last week was even more leisurely than ever, with no commitments even that had to be fulfilled.

Also, my personal computing device, colloquially and possibly globally referred to as a laptop, decided to take a little stroll in the finely manicured lawns of my campus and checked out. Left with nothing to do and with nothingness stretching out infinitely in front of me, I did what any self-effacing man of leisure would have conspired to do, especially so with men of leisure on the sandy beaches of Australia - I bummed around. Simply dashing it was!

My lady love returned from her visit home during these leisurely days of mine, so I managed to get in some quality bumming around time with her.

Well, I'm sure you have some pressing appointment for which you probably need to rush (tch tch), so if you'll allow me, I'll show you to the door, adjust my silk robe specially designed so that men of leisure like myself can bum around in style, and get back to my cushions and fine water.

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Gomes said...

really??bummed around,huh?well for one,i've seen u practising hard at your drumsets to ensure permanent deafness to all current campus residents.oh.. and if i were u ,i wouldnt call spending time with ur lady love,as bumming around,as it might not be taken is termed as "working on a relationship" these days