Friday, August 25, 2006

Go Red

The dirt and grime streaks my face
The hot wind ruffles my hair
I’m lugging my six-string
I’m living on the fringe

The clink of glasses is a lure
So I push open the door
Silence, suspicious silence
It’s the other side of the fence

My life has been well-fed
But I no longer pay the fare
Let’s all go red
Money is not the only care
Go red
Learn to share
Go red
How and where
Can I go red?

I swagger to the bar-stool
Ask for a shot in a dirty glass
Light one, looking cool
My show is just a farce

I lean back on the bar
Nursing my drink
So near, yet so far
These are not my kin

I have been led
Astray Oh
My mama always said
Go home
So I’m going red
Back to the loam
Go red
Let’s not roam
Go red
Justice in a poem
Go red

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