Saturday, August 12, 2006

Forlorn Melancholic Strains

An extra long weekend, almost like a vacation. Most people would salivate at the very thought, but it also has its fallouts, on a more personal level though. My baby left for home today, gone for 4 whole days. I'm already starting to miss her and that probably explains my moodiness and being in the dumps today. I have no place to sleep, nobody to go to and whine, no British accent. The only consolation, the only bright spot is that I get to see her in 2 days because I'm going over to her home city for entirely different reasons. The band needs to buy brand spanking new equipment and what do you know, it's in the same city. Yay!

1 comment:

sneha maselkar said... ur girl a british?n d way u miss her..its simply heart wrenching..n ya u seem to b a sorta whiner dude..but it doesnt work against u..makes u seem al the more of a philosopher/thinker/artist/writer..dat u r..
-sneha..aiming for the sky..n my sky is called..MICA.