Sunday, July 02, 2006

Human Companionship

Remember those moments when you have absolutely craved for human companionship, when you have felt so lonely that you could cry but saw no point in it because there was no shoulder to cry on?

In today’s technology rich age, we find it very easy to substitute actual living breathing human beings with mere creations of the ever effervescent human mind. The television, the computer and its myriad forms and vices, the mobile phone and its predecessor the telephone, along with the variety of innovations that are fighting to occupy our mind space, replacing you and me. These creations make us believe that there are people out there for us, trying all the time to make up for the loneliness of a destitute life. However, an absence of these products for even a short while makes us reflect upon our lives and cringe at how solitary it really is.

What is it about the physical presence of another person in an intimate manner, even emotionally, that stirs up the butterflies in the vacuum that is created in the pits of our stomachs, makes us swoon and go weak at the knees in the most primitive of fashions? Let me hazard a guess.

Her graceful movements as she walks, the whiff of her scent that tingles your nostrils and quivers your nerves, the way she absent-mindedly twirls her hair, the way she looks right through you when she’s thinking of you, the smile that plays around the corner on her lips as she shares a private joke with you in a public forum, the expressions that dance around in her eyes as she looks at you meaningfully convey more than any work of literature ever could, the way she looks up at you trustingly with her big round eyes that are about as limpid as a rough sea and are constantly darting around searching for the slightest hint of a reflection of her feelings for you. She knows she hasn’t made a mistake. She wants to know if you have. If you have noticed the above, chances are you haven’t. She might be just a friend, but by Jove, you’re in love with her!


Anonymous said...

Wen life is shallow n so r we..wen time has stood still to let us be..wen we get too busy,our very own ppl we cant see..
n dats y everything bout us is dependant on technology cos its available,doesn judge or critiscise and stays wit us too!
love of course trascends it all..

madhatter_withgloves said...

Well I think I know the lady in question and I will rest easier knowing that she has found someone who can truly treat her the way she deserves to be treated...very special.