Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Conversation No. 3

We walked out the gate
Ambling down to the canal
Stopped and took in
The breath-taking beauty

The bright full moon in between the clouds
Throwing light on near acquaintances
On that little bridge we began
Our conversation no. 3

We talked about everything under the moon
Looked up and took pictures of the moon
After a second of eternity
We made our way back

I laid bare my soul
Told her my heart
She accepted it
Like only a friend could

Our secret spot awaited us
For us to continue our conversation
Past our beloved unnamed tree
We climbed the stairs to bliss

We sat ourselves on the wall
She succeeded after a few tries
But she cleared my mind on the first try
Made my heart a lot lighter

Its time to leave now
We sneak our way through back alleys
Always having fun
We talk some more

We share our first hug
A big step for touch phobic me
I walk back home
After 3 magical hours

When I’m with her
I have a silly grin on my face
After conversation no.3

I realize I love this woman


Bacterium said...

I am eager to know what happened in conversation no. 4 ;)

flashbulbous said...

i wish you wisdom and patience.
love needs them both.

The_Wanderer said...


Seeking Clarity said...

Here's wishing you luck, love and more endless conversations.