Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Rain & Coffee

This is a poem that I wrote while sitting one evening at Java City. It was raining outside and was positively beautiful. I haven't named this poem, but then thoughts and feelings never did need a name.

The rain's coming down
It's cold outside
I'm sitting in a cafe
'Coz I have no ride

I'm having a cigarette
With a coffee on the side
I'm penning down my thoughts
'Coz I got nowhere else to hide

I'm with myself
Alone, but not lonely
People come and people go
But none whom I have seen

A sea of strangers
Touched by the rain
They're all smiling
To hide their everyday pain

Rain brings together people
Under a common roof
Mere acquaintances
Can no longer be aloof

The rain's stopped now
The road's lively again
We can all go back now
To pretending to be sane


flashbulbous said...

i could really identify with what you wrote. I liked the simplicity of it. Too many people complicating thought and emotion these days. Not you. I'm glad.
And yes, javat city must be something special if you can actually pen a poem there...

Su said...

Very well-written. I'm very proud of the talent in the family :) The last line blew my mind. A lot of layers in what you've written.