Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Whenever I write poetry especially, I take in my surroundings, absorb my "lifetime research" and then write poetry/prose suitably inspired. This time around, it is no different.

Life is standing still
Not a leaf is quivering
A beaming girl on a rubber swing
Provides the only interplay of shadows

A pyromaniac on the side
With dangling silver jangling
Entranced by the pretty lights
Is busy beautifying the world

And as the lazy smoke rises ever so slowly
Clouding our world and clearing our minds
The contagious smile infects us all
Ridding the world of the disease of importance

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Power Causes Hypocrisy

Theoretically, you are against abuse of power, especially if that power has at some point of time been used against you, you have experienced it. Theoretically. If the tables were turned, I'm willing to bet my bottom that you would abuse that power too, no matter what has been said before. Even if you do not go the extent of abusing, you would atleast use the power to your advantage. Practising your preachings! Ah, how tough it is, to put your money where your mouth is.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Rain & Coffee

This is a poem that I wrote while sitting one evening at Java City. It was raining outside and was positively beautiful. I haven't named this poem, but then thoughts and feelings never did need a name.

The rain's coming down
It's cold outside
I'm sitting in a cafe
'Coz I have no ride

I'm having a cigarette
With a coffee on the side
I'm penning down my thoughts
'Coz I got nowhere else to hide

I'm with myself
Alone, but not lonely
People come and people go
But none whom I have seen

A sea of strangers
Touched by the rain
They're all smiling
To hide their everyday pain

Rain brings together people
Under a common roof
Mere acquaintances
Can no longer be aloof

The rain's stopped now
The road's lively again
We can all go back now
To pretending to be sane

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Man Without An Identity

There once was a man
Who lived in a global village
He was raised in a foreign land
Alien to his past ages

Then the flux came
And he found himself
In the middle of a rat race
Among the giants, an elf

They asked him if he knew
His mother tongue
And he said ‘no’
For he did not study it

They asked him if he knew
The language of his land
And he said ‘no’
He knew only the global language

They threw him out
They spat at him
All in their minds
Their words, their actions

The man cried and he cried
But they would not listen to his pleas
For he was not a man
But a man without an identity

Friday, June 16, 2006


Is fear a good thing? I'm not talking about the George W. Bush or the government or even the media kind of fear infusing tactics. I'm talking about an innate fear that abounds within all of us. Fear of the dark, fear of the unknown, fear of becoming impotent, fear of becoming fat, fear of being anorexic, fear of losing hair, fear of getting fired, etc, etc. Is that what keeps us going? Is that what makes us strive to seek an improvement within ourselves? Is the constant process of bettering ourselves, an exercise that I hope all of us are doing, fuelled by fear? So that means that a whole range of products, maybe even entire categories, like hair care products, are driven by fear. This in turn translates to our final conclusion. The growth of the economy is driven by fear. Hence, the more people that are more afraid, the faster and larger will grow the economy. Hmmm...interesting, what say?

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Virgin Of Truth

Lies and deceit
Surround the profane
It’s no small feat
To stay sane

Two timing
Back stabbing
Nobody here
Is a virgin

And then she came
Like a breath of fresh air
A sight for sore eyes
The answer to my prayer

She’s a virgin
Clean and pure
She’s a virgin
A virgin of truth
She’s a virgin
My only cure
She’s a virgin

Sunshine in her hair
The future in her eyes
Your life in her hands
A virgin of truth

And you depend on her
As if she’s the only one
In the world for you
And vice versa

It’s all just a dream now
A mirage, an illusion
As my world crumbles around me
You’re my only virgin

Monday, June 12, 2006

For TM

As you stand on the pedestal I had put you on
Looking down on me and smiling ever so benignly
With your long tresses flowing in the light breeze
And the sun providing you an aura of womanness
Towering like the victorious Greek goddess that you are
I am overcome with an infinite urge
To fall at your feet and to worship you
To love you and to serve you
Till my last breath

Vicious Circle

I don’t see the point in getting up
I know it’s going to be the wrong side of the bed
But I drag myself out
It’s time to live my vicious circle

The same smiling faces
All smiling assassins
Fake laughing with you one moment
And making you cry the next

Day in and day out
From tying shoelaces
To combing falling hair
It’s time to live the vicious circle

You know you don’t belong
You don’t want to, don’t need to
But you’re pulled into this swirling mass
Of surrealism and pseudo air-kisses

The pollution and the populace
It’s the same story all over again
Feel like you’re life ain’t going anywhere?
You know you don’t belong
You don’t want to, don’t need to
But it’s time to live the vicious circle

Day in and day out
It’s the same story all over again
It’s got its vice-like grip on you
It’s called the vicious circle


I’ve hit the sack, my eyes have closed, but I can’t sleep. Sleep. I need to sleep, it is a part of my schedule, but my mind refuses to switch off. Everything is locked up in my mind forever because there is no key. Am I going insane?

Why do I blame myself for everything? Why do I accept responsibility, partly or wholly, for somebody else’s sins even though I had nothing to do with them? Why can’t I just learn to accept and move on? Does change really happen? Is change worth the mental ordeal and trauma? Utopia does not exist except in our heads. Accept it and move on. Never strive for it.

A man can never run away from his thoughts. He can never escape. He is always held prisoner for life by his mind, and there is nothing he can do about it, no one he can turn to except for temporary solace and succour. He is doomed. I am doomed. We all are doomed.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Indian Bones And The Traffic Of Doom

That was the name of an article I had written during my freelancing days. However, that was not how it got published. Check out the link. I just realised I had it.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

My Helpless Life

This is a slightly older poem. See if you can relate to it.

My Helpless Life

Here I am,
with nothing to do;
out the window,
my brain just flew.
I stare at the wall -
that's 'cause
I know nothing at all.
My friends around me,
they talk away,
but only to the music
will I sway.
The system is in,
it rules our lives;
blood has spilt
on the steely knives.
Is our leader
really our leader?
Or is he just a
monstrotic child-beater?
I see my life
flash before my eyes;
my soulish spirit,
by force it dies

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

An Ode To Nature

This is a poem I wrote a few years ago. I still regard it as one of the best works I have ever produced. It's my favourite.

An Ode To Nature

I step out
The wind gently pats my cheek
The soft rain slowly moistens my hair
I look up
The rain gently washes my eyelids
And hangs off my lashes
Like dew drops glistening in the early morning sun
I walk around
Sucking in large lungfuls of beautiful, quiet air
Purified by the love of Mother Nature
My fellow-beings are long gone
They do not appreciate your splendour
But I do
I appreciate every single nuance you enrich this world with
Every single smell you have to offer
Every nook, every cranny
I appreciate you, Mother
Every movement you make
Every noise you whisper
Every leaf you tingle
Every puddle you ripple
Leaves me with an intoxicating feeling of freshness
In a moment's inspiration
I have worded my feelings
In actuality though
I have worded your grandeur
I have worded your glorious past
Your breath-taking present
Your eternal future
I have worded you, Mother Nature

'Twas The Beginning

I have succumbed, finally capitulated to the lure.

You will all now be subject to opinionated views on matters, worldly or otherwise.

So keep reading...